The Secret to Perfect-Fitting Jeans

Are you tired of wasting time and money searching for that perfect-fitting pair of jeans?  Sick of staring at a closet full of saggy, threadbare, out-of-style Mom Jeans?  Or worse, expensive designer skinny jeans that never quite fit the way you wish they did?  You can do better, and the Jean Fit Experts at Florida Jean Company can show you how.

The materials, hardware, and construction of a jean, all affect the fit. Did you know a less expensive zipper can ruin the fit? Placement of back pockets effect the fit? Lighter washes fit different than darker washes? By studying these characteristics will help you find the perfect fit.

A cheaply made zipper or incorrectly installed zipper will not hold the denim together well causing gaps or loose areas. Look at the zipper pull and teeth, make sure they're sturdy and works up and down easily. How well the zipper is sewn into the jean, also affects the fit, look for straight neat stitching on the backside of the zipper. A quality zipper installed properly is paramount in find the perfect fitting jeans.


The back pocket placement and shape is a key factor to finding that perfect fitting pair of jeans. Big pockets help hold the shape and decrease to the size appearance of the seat. Embellishments also work as a focal point, drawing the eye more to the design than the whole seat area. The larger embellished pocket trend has recently cooled off, giving way to cleaner lines with smooth pockets. When choosing a cleaner look, the pocket becomes critical, pay close attention to the pocket shape and location. A slightly higher pocket holds shape better. A straight up and down pocket seam will tend to let the seat relax. A little angle to the pocket seam will hold the shape better. 

The perfect fitting jean will be made from great denim, the care of the denim is important for them to remain the perfect fitting jeans. The technology in all fabric has advanced so much in recent years. In the past you just went with the jean that had more cotton content, but that's not true in today’s world, the cotton blends are phenomenal. The biggest key is denim care after you purchase, don’t over dry them in a dryer, washing less is better, air dry is better, and my favorite, never wash them and freeze when you want to them cleaned. 

How do you know what the best values are? By searching for styles that have been offered for multiple seasons, styles produced in higher numbers, materials that have been produced in greater quantities. These styles are typically less expensive to produce, allowing the brand to offer these styles for less. If a brand invest season after season in a particular cut, wash and style that should tell you the jean sells well and fits perfectly. They would not keep manufacturing a jean if there where issues. You will get the best value for your money when you find these styles. Look for what a brand calls core or essential styles, wearing the latest trends or exotic washes is not the best way to find a value.

The 5 keys to finding perfect fitting jeans are: a good zipper, pocket shape, pocket placement, care of your jeans after you purchase, and find the core styles.   

 You deserve to look and feel your best every time you pull on your favorite pair of Jeans!

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