The Jean Jacket from Working Class to High Society

The jean jackets we know today were first manufactured in 1880 by Levi Strauss, who made Levis Jeans about 10 years prior. The jacket was created to be a sturdy and durable garment that cowboys, miners, and railroad workers could wear.


The U.S. Army were the first to adopt a type of denim jackets into uniforms in the early 1900's. The Army named their everyday outfit, “working blues.” Some years latter the US Navy did the same. When these enlisted men came home denim jackets gained even more popularity.

The stars of the 1950's era like Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley helped elevate the status of  jacket from the working class to the upper class. The hippie era of the 1960’s continued to make the jacket popular, and a fashion statement. In 1962, Levi’s made a jacket described as the "jean jacket to rule them all". Millions of young  people during 60’s and 70’s started to customize the jean jacket with patches, embroidery, and even paint. The personalization added a connection that would be hard to accomplish with any other garment.

 The modern day era gave way to rock n roll musicians, movie stars and members of high society, wearing the jean jacket for anything but a hard days work! The original working man's jean jacket has become a fashion statement on stages, runways and red carpets around the world. Now almost every fashion brand offers a jean jacket in their collections.  

 After more than 60 years, there are few things more iconic in fashion, than the jean jacket. The Jean jacket will likely continue to be a staple, for stylish men and women around the world, for years to come.