Save Time and Money Shopping for Jeans

Are you tired of searching big department stores with little or no help to find a perfect fitting jean? Walking all across the store with an arm full of jeans hoping one fits? Did you know Florida Jean, right here in St Pete, has been buying and selling jeans for 12 years? They have inspected thousands of pairs of jeans from hundreds of brands. They know jeans!

At Florida Jean, the search for jeans is a passion, discovering best values is second nature, finding perfect fitting jeans is innate. They study of denim, style production, and brand tenure, to find that perfect fit. They stock proven brands with amazing fits in many price ranges. They examine the denim, hardware, and construction of a jean; all can affect the fit. Did you know a less expensive zipper can ruin the fit? Placement of back pockets effect the fit? Lighter washes fit different than darker washes? By studying these characteristics and offers those styles, that exceed the criteria, greatly increase the likelihood of you finding the perfect fit.

The one on one personalized service you receive, not only save you time, but allows you to discuss your need with their jean fit geniuses.  The fitting starts you out with a few pair of jeans, and typically within 15-20 minutes you can find the perfect fit. Florida Jean has done the hard work, finding today’s best values, and proven fits. Florida Jean’s collection of denim is well curated, you don’t need a huge store with thousands of jeans to sort through to find that one pair.

Shop Florida Jean's Boutique in the Mall at the Sundial or if life's too busy to shop go to their Jean Fit Genius page (link below) answer some questions and the will email you some choices. Jean Shopping Made Easy!