Florida Jean cares about the Environment & You Should Too

In June 2018, National Geographic published an astonishing article regarding the plastic production and how it has been effecting our oceans, animals and people in different parts of the world. This incredible article changed the way people live and inspired Florida Jean to be part of the solution. We also hope this change will inspire other small businesses like ourselves to be more conscious of the business choice's they make. 

Florida Jean started by only using paper bags for customers in store purchases. In National Geographic's article they stated that the working life of a single use plastic bag is only fifteen minutes, forty percent of plastic bag is just single use. Much of the single use plastic we do use ends up in our oceans. In fact, about nine million tons of plastic lands in our oceans every year.

Another opportunity to slow our carbon foot print was eliminating paper receipts completely. We went from printing two separate pieces of paper for one transaction to none. Florida Jean now offers a receipt by text message or email. The end of day statements went from five sheets of paper a day to none! Keeping all our electronic documents online rather than in paper. 

Florida Jean wants to be part of a local solution of  being more environmentally friendly. Hopefully our efforts are recognized throughout the community and encourage others to try and make a difference in their own life. 

Picture Source: National Geographic Magazine