2019 Top Trends for Women's Jeans

Do we really care? Of course we do!  

We all have our favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and for most of us that’s all we need. Staying true to our favorite brand’s or a style of jean is just fine. The latest trends are a sneak peak to see if we are ready to embrace them or run from them! So here are our 2019 trend predictions.

 In 2019 the trend will be the “Anti Movement” and jeans are going anti skinny! We will see looser fitting jeans from the extreme baggy jeans to straight leg. Don’t worry skinny jean lovers the style continues to be produced in great volumes. No matter how much the latest trend try’s to push them away they continue to be sold.  The newer trend styles are easier to wear than you think.

We are seeing styles like the High-Rise Culotte Jeans having success in the fitting room. The freedom of more room in these jeans seems to strike a chord with the women who try them on. This style looks great with a belt or statement pair of shoes. A great pair of slides, snake skin heels or a pair of converse sneakers finishes off this style nicely. You don’t need to be gym rat to pull this look off the loose legs are perfect to hide the holiday weight gain.

We have always loved the straight leg jean, and it’s making a major comeback in 2019. The classic cut instantly elongates the look of your legs. We love the look with ankle boots peeking out underneath or heels for that taller look. The slightly higher rise jean styles with a cropped jacket or top is the perfect look to make you look longer and leaner. The straight leg jean is a staple you really can't go wrong with. We feel this is a good jean to invest into a quality brand. Spending a little more on this style is wise. You will be able to wear this look to a lot of occasions.

The Flair, Bell Bottoms, whatever you want to call them, has been on the comeback and we predict in 2019 you will see more of these early 70 styles. Watch for the excessive flares, fashion always seems to love excesses. You will see split seams, seam fillers, unfinished hems, over exaggerated bells and exposed buttons. This is a novelty jean style that always looks better on someone else! We say if you must have this style wait for the deal.

You will see Stripes, Patchwork, Multi Colors and Prints in 2019. We can’t quite understand the passion for these styles but feel the momentum and might have to try them. 2019 Jean Trends will be the “Anti Movement” anything that has been normal will be protested. The jeans that look unconventional are gaining popularity. Brands are adapting their best styles to this trend, so finding the perfect fit shouldn’t be hard. We tend to be more conservative and feel the stripes down the side to be the best pick for your closet. This look could be dresses up with a blazer and heels to give it a great wearable style.



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