• Florida Jean cares about the Environment & You Should Too

    This incredible article changed the way people live and inspired Florida Jean to be part of the solution. We also hope this change will inspire other small businesses like ourselves to be more conscious of the business choice's they make. 
  • Do You Buy Local? Do You Shop Small? Do you really care?

    Do You Buy Local? Do You Shop Small? Do you really care? Here are 3 reasons why YOU should care.
  • The Jean Jacket from Working Class to High Society

    The jean jackets we know today were first manufactured in 1880 by Levi Strauss, who made Levis Jeans about 10 years prior. The jacket was created ...
  • 2019 Top Trends for Women's Jeans

    Do we really care? Of course we do!  

    We all have our favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and for most of us that’s all we need. Staying true to our favorite brand’s or a style of jean is just fine. The latest trends are a sneak peak to see if we are ready to embrace them or run from them! So here are our 2019 trend predictions.

  • Save Time and Money Shopping for Jeans

    Are you tired of searching big department stores with little or no help to find a perfect fitting jean? Walking all across the store with an arm full of jeans hoping one fits? Did you know Florida Jean, right here in St Pete, has been buying and selling jeans for 12 years? They have inspected thousands of pairs of jean...
  • The Secret to Perfect-Fitting Jeans

    The Secret to Perfect-Fitting Jeans

    Are you tired of wasting time and money searching for that perfect-fitting pair of jeans?  Sick of staring at a closet full of saggy, threadbare, out-of-style Mom Jeans?  Or worse, expensive designer skinny jeans that never quite fit the way you wish they did?  You can do better, and the Jean Fit Experts at Florida Jean Company can show you how.

  • Why You Should Invest In These AG Jeans

    The article was shared with me and I found it to be very informative, please note the creators of this article. Created by Marie Claire for AGBy-Ta...
  • How to Make your Denim Last

    Here are some tips from our friends at Adriano Goldschmied to make your denim last. 
  • Friday Night Wine Tasting at Sundial St Pete

    Get the Latest News and Information on Events at Florida Jean Company.